Physician Life Care Planning

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Life Care Plan Reviews provide life care planners consultative access to practicing physiatrists (MDs who specialize in Physical Medicine &
Rehabilitation), and systematic medical assessments and guidance to enhance the medical foundations of their Life Care Plans.

Excerpts from a Life Care Plan Review

A strong medical foundation is an essential part of any credible Life Care Plan; however, establishing valid medical bases upon which to formulate diagnostic conclusions and recommendations for ongoing care can prove challenging.

Our Life Care Plan Reviews Consist of:

  • Review & Constructive Evaluation of Your Medical Record Summary
  • Review & Constructive Evaluation of Your Recommendations for Future Medical Care
  • Review & Constructive Evaluation of Your Diagnostic Conclusions
  • Telephonic Consultation
  • Summary Medically-oriented Assessment of Your Life Care Plan

Life Care Plan Reviews Help Determine & Formulate

  • Medical Foundations for Diagnostic Conclusions
  • Consequent Circumstances, e.g. Life Expectancy (Accounting for Impact of Injury/Illness/Comorbidity), Impairment, and Disability
  • Nature and Extent of Disease, Disability and Residual Ability
  • Potential Future Medical Complications
  • Functional Limitations
  • Medical Basis of Future Medical Requirements, e.g. Physician Care, Diagnostics, Medications, Labs, Rehabilitation Services, Equipment &
    Supplies, Nursing & Attendant Care, Surgical Care, etc.

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