Physician Life Care Planning

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Day In Life Videos (DIL Videos) effectively communicate the story of an accident, and depict the real life impact and challenges that result from chronic or catastrophic injury or illness. DIL Videos provide clear visibility into the everyday circumstances of people whose lives been irreversibly impacted by physically or mentally disabling events.

Steve Fuentes
Rig Worker Accident

Effective communication is an art form — the art of articulating facts in ways (verbally, visually, structurally and contextually) that maximize an audience’s understanding. Unfortunately, conveying the impact that a physically catastrophic event or illness can impose on a person’s life can prove challenging. The effects of unfamiliar and disabling events are difficult and unpleasant for most people to imagine.

Scott Westfall
Auto/bicycle Accident Victim

DIL Video are high quality, turn-key productions that are professionally managed from storyline to post-production. Our writers, production and post-production teams have decades of network-level media experience.

All footage is recorded in 1080p resolution which can be viewed in true HD or compressed to support lower resolution and smaller file size requirements. Our DIL Videos are trial-ready presentations which can be viewed on almost any electronic media device (e. g. personal computer, IPAD, DVD player, etc.) and can be tailored to almost any formatting requirements (e.g. Blue Ray Disc, DVD, ASX, AVI, FLV, MPG, QT, RM, RMVB, WMV, etc.).

Frank Ramirez
Longshoreman Accident

If you need to effectively communicate what life is like for someone who is suffering from a traumatic injury or illness; if you want to enable an audience to relate and empathize with physical, mental and emotional challenges faced by another human being, then DIL Videos are an invaluable communication tool.

Day In The Life Videos Help People Understand:

  • Circumstances Surrounding the Cause of an Accident, Injury or Illness
  • Physical, Mental & Emotional Suffering of an Ill or Injured Individual
  • Economic Impact of Chronic/Catastrophic Illness/Injury
  • Mental, Emotional & Economic Impact of an Individual’s Illness or Injury on Loved-Ones (Friends, Family, Co-workers and Care Givers)
  • Effects of Wrongful Death

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