Physician Life Care Planning

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Cost Analyses & Vendor Surveys convert life care planners’ qualitative recommendations for future medical care into quantitative projections and financial conclusions.

Sourcing, formulating and presenting data and quantitative conclusions can be time consuming and highly administrative. Failing to compile sufficiently broad or relevant data, or failing to present financial conclusions and data in a methodologically sound and transparent manner can place the validity of an entire life care plan into question and expose a life care planner to scrutiny from legal counter parties.

We work with life care planners as resourceful, quantitative members of their care planning teams. We help them deliver superlative financial accuracy and clarity.

Excerpts from a Cost Analysis & Vendor Survey

Our Cost Analyses:

  • Calculate financial projections on a category-specific basis.
  • Provide consolidated summation of categorical projections.
  • Provide itemized, discrete accounting and graphic exhibition of all items respective to their individual cost/treatment categories.

Our Vendor Surveys

  • Provide vendor/source information for all values exhibited in Cost Analyses.
  • Exhibit all data used to affect any/all cost averaging.
  • Demonstrate geographic relevance of selected vendors and sources.

The Industry Standard for Quantitative Excellence

  • Quality & Accuracy: Our methods affect the highest quality and most accurate medically-related financial projections available.
  • Usability: All financial projections and supporting data are presented in an easy to follow, hierarchal manner.
  • Relevance: All data is timely, and all sources are geographically proximate to the subject.
  • Validity: All values used to calculate line items are averages of multiple quotations from multiple sources.
  • Transparency: All data is clearly exhibited and all data sources are referenced.

Our mission is to be the world’s highest quality provider of damages valuation services.