Physician Life Care Planning

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Our mission is to be the world’s highest quality provider of damages valuation services.

We are physician life care planners in a field in which less than 1% of life care planners are qualified
physicians. As practicing M.D.s who specialize in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, we possess the
requisite expertise to independently formulate and defend recommendations for ongoing medical care.

In addition to life care planning, our clients appreciate the convenience of accessing an entire range of
related services, all from a single source. We’re the nation’s premier team of physician life care planners,
vocational assessment specialists, professional economists, Medicare secondary payer compliance experts,
medical illustrators and neuropsychologists.

Life Care Planning and Physiatry

Featured in The Journal of Injury, Function & Rehabilitation.

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Physician Life Care Planning

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Conditions Requiring Our Services
Acquired Brain Injury
Birth Defects
Chronic Pain
Multiple Trauma
Spinal Injuries
Spinal Cord Injuries
We provide:
Catastrophic Life Care Plans
Non-Catastrophic Life Care Plans
Vocational Assessments
Economic Evaluations
Neuropsychological Examinations
Medicare Set-aside Arrangements
Medical Illustrations
Independent Medical Examinations
Expert Witness Services
Life Care Plan Reviews
Cost Analysis & Vendor Survey
Day In The Life Videos